2017 fees


Non-student and goalkeeper fees include a $30 contribution to the club's Capital Development Fund (CDF), which will be used for future turf development costs. Student fees include a $20 contribution to the CDF.

Players (excluding goalkeepers with own gear) will receive a $15 prompt-payment discount if fees are paid in full by the due date indicated on the invoice.

Fees for tertiary competitions are set and collected by the University of Auckland.


(Based on 2016 amounts, 2017 amount TBC)


All junior fees include a $10 contribution to the club's CDF.

Payment information


Senior/Youth: 12-3043-0298410-00
Junior: 12-3043-0298410-01

For senior players, please include the invoice number in the reference, and your name in the particulars. 

For junior/youth parents, please include your child's name and grade in the reference.

Receipts are available upon request. Please contact treasurer@auhc.org if you have any questions.


Please address all cheques to "Auckland University Hockey Club". Cheques can be posted to:

PO Box 137230
Auckland 1151

Please include your invoice number and name (senior players), or your child's name and grade (junior/youth players).