Nominations for all committee positions are open ahead of the 2019 AGM. In addition, we are looking for people to fill the following roles:

Treasurer (Role Description)
Student Representative (Role Description)
Funding/Grants Officer (Role Description)
Web/Database Manager (Role Description)

Junior Club

Please juniors@auhc.org if interested.

Junior Club Captain (Role Description)
Coaches and managers for 2020 season
Junior Committee Members
Uniform/Gear Coordinator
Summer Hockey Coordinator

2019 Club Committee

President: Jeremy Chen (Role Description)
Secretary: Thalia Babbage (Role Description)
Treasurer: Hubert de Chiffreville (Role Description)
Auckland Hockey Representative: Madeline Barbarich (Role Description)
Student Representative: Taiyo Serge (Role Description)
Club Captains: Thomas Fisher and Maddy Barbarich (Role Description)
Social Officers: Ruby-Jane Meehan and Lucy Lancashire (Role Description)
Umpires Officer: Sarah Badcock (Role Description)
Equipment Officer: Vacant
Youth Club Captain: Steve Holley
Junior Club Captain: Vacant (Role Description)
General Committee: Mahendra Unka

Junior Committee

David Fehl
Derek Phillips
Roz Christensen
David Aitkenhead
Belinda Zohrab-McConnell
Kirsty Armstrong